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A few important things to note...

All consultations are FREE with no commitment or pressure to book. Consultations are simply to see if we are a good fit

and to answer any questions.

All NEW permanent makeup procedures require a 4-8 week touch-up. This touch-up is included in the initial price you see below. Candra will contact you to schedule the touch-up after you book the first initial permanent makeup appointment. Those with previous permanent makeup work done by someone else should call , text or schedule a consult so that we can discuss pricing depending on the work needing to be done. 

There is no additional charge for lash fills coming from another lash studio. However, you will be charged depending on the time it takes us to clean up and fill the lashes. Sometimes this even means scheduling a new set for another day if we do not have time that same day.

TIPS are very much appreciated on every service!

Dry Plants

If you are ever unsatisfied with a service, we want to know about it so we can have the opportunity to make it right!

And remember, our goal is to enhance not recreate... 

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